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  1. Everybody hates meh...

    The money mod shouldn't be the problem. The high taxes only applies to the industries and they don't have a say in mayor approval. Only the residents can disapprove of the mayor. Have you ever use the microphone tool to listen to what the resident's concerns are? I had a similiar problem with my city, although not as severe. I have parts of the city that are constantly in red regardless of what I put in, and in the other parts they live in Happyville. I put in a lot of landmark buildings, and it slowly brought my rating from 20 back to 80 or so. But I also realized that if the economy is good (meaning the demands for each type is high,) my mayor rating goes up.
  2. Principato di Avierna - The Caribbean Riviera

    Wow, these city is amazing. One quick question, what did you do to the pictures to make them having that fresco painting feel?