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  1. Hey guys I'm having a problem when it comes to installing mods on my game. I don't know exactly what's causing it but i may have an idea, which i'm hoping someone can help me with! Basically everytime i subscribe to a mod it shows in the content that the mod is there but it doesn't appear when i start a game. My idea is that i recently installed an SSD drive (Drive C) and all my games are on my old drive (Drive E). I've had a few issues with games since i've installed the SSD but have managed to overcome them - apart from this one! Perhaps i'm being a "Super $%&^!" and not activating them someway "in game" but i've checked this out and that doesn't seem to be an issue. So, i'm hoping one of you guys will be able top offer me some advice on the matter Side note: If i have done something that's super noobish then please go easy on me
  2. Mod Advice for CS

    Hey guys Thank you so much for those ideas
  3. Hey guys I am a long time Sim City fan and have finally decided to purchase Cities: Skylines. Having read up on the game it seems that mods are required to help the game function properly, so i was wondering what mods you guys would recommend?
  4. A little help for a newbie!

    Thank you again Agente I'm unable to find the mods you listed: Industry Mod by Nikola BoC by Procskalone Would you be able to guide me on where I would find them please?
  5. A little help for a newbie!

    Hey Agente Thank you for the warm welcome and the very insightful reply
  6. Hello I've recently purchased Sim City 2013 after lengthy deliberation. I have played Sim City 2000 and Sim City 4 but find Sim City 2013 to be less about building and more about strategy. Initially I wasn't very impressed by the game but persistence has paid off and now I'm enjoying it (even with the bugs). That being said, I am in need of some tips and am hoping that some of you guys can help me. Traffic Problems. No matter what transport I put down I always seem to have heavy traffic. I have made cities that have train stations, maglev, streetcars and bus terminals and yet I still have heavy traffic. My roads can have lots of intersections so that could be part of the problem but I thought transport would alleviate this? City Population. I can never seem to get my population over 150,000 sims. I build mega towers and have a large proportion set out for residential. I also lower taxes to encourage growth but this doesn't seem to help. Any advice? Omega. I've read a lot of posts on how to have successful Omega cities but I'm still struggling. I usually have one Omega City and import oil and ore. I build a recycling factory and have this feed a processor plant so that it can be self sustainable. I then tend to build 3 or 4 Omega factories around my industry and 2 or 3 drone plants for my residential. This should be enough according to other posts on this forum but yet I still get messages from my Omega advisor telling me that we are not producing enough Omega. When I check my plants they are running between 30% to 70% output and I can't understand why. I usually place my Omega factory on high density avenues and have the VTOL pads. Again, any advice would be welcomed. Successful Regions. Any other tips on making a successful region would be great. Should I have cities concentrating on one speciality or should I share them between cities (1 city for gambling, 1 city for academy etc)? All help is greatly appreciated