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  1. These days’ people visiting dentists are no longer patients. There are people who want small defects in their teeth corrected so that they get the perfect smile. So dentists are also providing dental treatment according to the needs of their clients. Small and minor defects in the teeth can be corrected by different cosmetic dentistry methods. There are dental fillings, veneers and laminates, dental implants and various teeth whitening methods. All these are aimed at correcting small defects in the teeth so as to give the perfect smile.>> >>There are other dental treatments like scaling and root planing to remove the dental plaque and calculus that have accumulated on the surface of the teeth. These are non-surgical methods that a periodontist does to remove the accumulated plaque. On the other hand, if the non-surgical dental treatment has been unsuccessful in removing the calculus, the periodontist conducts surgery to remove the tenacious hard deposits from the teeth.>> If there is a tooth decay that has penetrated deep into the root pulp, an endodontic treatment called root canal treatment is done to remove the decay and restore the tooth of its function. Most of the tooth decay is caused by bacteria that are present in the mouth. The decay is removed, the canals are cleaned, disinfected and the tooth is then sealed with an inert material. This prevents further bacterial infection. A permanent restoration is done and a tooth crown is fitted onto the tooth. The tooth begins to function normally because it is supported by other tissues.