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  1. Cannot sell power?

    I thought of those too and the neighbor city has a windmill but is now suffering from blackouts so definitely needs it and the power lines connected to the zones are connected to the power lines coming in from the power station. I tried setting up a deal for garbage between the same two cities and that worked fine. Later: I removed the new plugins and now it's working. Just combined multiple posts. -CaptCity
  2. I've played this game before but I just installed it after awhile of not playing it. I started a new region and for some reason I cannot sell power to the neighboring town even though there are power lines connecting them and the supplier has plenty of power. I have about 20 plugins total, but only a few that I did not have last time I played. The game is updated and I am running it on Windows 7. I have NAM, SAM and RTMT along with some ploppables and growables. When I querry the power line that is connecting, it says it is connected to the right town but that there is no active deal. When I try to initiate a deal by clicking "neighbor deals" it says that there are "no available deals for this city". This situation is the same when I try in both cities. There is also a road connection between these two cities and cars seem to drive back and forth perfectly well. I have the radical ordinance v2 plugin but I've tried removing it temporarily and no luck. Has anyone experienced this before and can give me a clue as to which plugin or what else might be causing this? Thanks