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  1. Building edges on uneven terrain

    Its crazy they didn't fix that when the game came out, it's very unrealistic looking. But thanks for the replies
  2. I am sure this has been discussed before but something is bugging me, when I place a building on uneven ground you can see the foundations of the building, and you get this blockish effect where the building has a squareish based Is there a mod to fix this and make the bases of buildings smooth against the terrain they're place into?
  3. Airport Texture Issue

    The airports there are in game airports, it's just the extra terminals im fooling around with that were downloaded
  4. Airport Texture Issue

    I apologise for the photo I don't know what happened and I closed the Imageshack screen before I could redo it, http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/9381/texturebo8.jpg Heres a direct link none of the hotlinks seem to work on these forums Im using aiports that came with the game and additional terminals downloaded as seperate lots. im using Sim City 4 Deluxe Ediition /Rush Hour and have updated the game.
  5. Airport Texture Issue

    I've been fooling around with trying to build an airport area (Im new enough to this so be kind haha)for the region as a whole and noticed something odd. ] As you can see the tarmac on the airports is screwd up, and in on ap is sunk into the grass. I've been installing alot of new lots and props and texture packs to support them latley, and thats clearly what this is, but the thing is...WHICH TEXTURE PACK? theres so many of them! Same thing with the flags in the left foreground I thought I had all the packs, is there one place you can download the whole lot in bulk? or any idea which ones would be causing the airports to sink like that?
  6. I'm trying to build a decent air port using ad ons to the airport you get in the game, but in order for it to work I need to terminals facing a certan way, and they just won't. Is there any way to turn a building so make it face a diffrent way, before you place it? Thanks
  7. Sim City Main Site Lot Exchange

    The lots I downloaded from this site, I did place in the plugins folder and they work great. I'm talking about the ones from here http://simcity.ea.com/exchange/lots/index.php Which are supposed to download directly into the plugins folder, but when I started the game, none of them were there.
  8. I downloaded tonnes of lots from the main sites lot exchange and they are supposed to auto install, they did not, when I started the game not a single one was there. I contacted the help part of the site and they told me they don't help with the BATs or Lots, so does anyone know why this isn't working? The same thing happenes when I use a city exchange to import a city, put it in the regions folder and in the game it never appears.