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  1. i cant install maps

    no the cursor dosnt change. i downloaded the map from the STEX. i downloaded the BMP file from the istanbul popup along with the JPEG. well i downloaded the Extra Cheats DLL and put it into the plugins folder in my documents. when i played the game i did ctrl x and then right cklicked the box...nothing. but when i did it again with the file in the Maxis/Plugins folder it worked. no i did not get a render screen. plus i dont have any tools that will allow me to check if the config file is the same size as the JPEG image.
  2. i cant install maps

    i go to My Documents/SimCity 4/Regions i make a new folder called lets say Istanbul i download the BMp file and the grey image and put them in istanbul. i start up sim city 4 deluxe edition and follow the instructions i open the istanbul map and its flat and green which i guess is normal. i do ctrl,alt,shift,R i go to My Documents/Simcity 4/Regions/Istanbul and click the JPEG image and say ok. Nothng....i wait and wait still nothing...i would think it would stall with nothing moving to show that its loading but no, i wait about 5-7 minutes and still nothing. what did i do wrong? right now in the folder these are the files (config.BMP ,istanbul_v2.JPEG, region, thumbs) can someone help me?