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  1. Yes thank you. What I have noticed is that I have a very high population of older residents (50+) and have hardly any whatsover below this age. This would explain why my all of my schools are practically empty and why the population is not growing by much overall. Life expectancy is about 95 in my city. Thanks again.
  2. I had a set layout with roads, rails etc (from the original city I had). Decided to wipe all areas out i.e. commercial, residential and industrial so effectively had a blank canvas with just roads, rails infrastructure. The reason for this was to insert more bus stops across the entire city and add more subway lines. I hoped this would save time and prevent me completely restarting the city. I then placed the zones in their relevant sections. Naturally the population went back to zero before gradually climbing again. This is when I noticed that there were no high wealth residential residents and as a result no high wealth commercial. I sense it could be a fault and if this is the case I will just restart the city. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I built a city and decided to completely re-zone it. Previously in the old city I had lots of high wealth residential and commercial and a population of 660,000 The education and health of the residents is very very high (close to the upper limits) and there are good transport links and taxes of around 7% (except for dirty industry) . I have lots of High Tech Industry too, no garbage, plenty of water and power, a subway system, railways, airport and lots of bus stops. I have plenty of parks too. Very very low water pollution and low air pollution. The city is linked to all other cities around it. I cannot understand how since redoing the city I have a population of 330,000 but absolutely no high wealth residential this time around. My high wealth residential demand is very high in the negative territory. Any ideas what could be causing this problem? I've never experienced this problem before. Could the fact that I've completely re-zoned it be the problem...?