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  1. This reminds me how inefficient garbage trucks are.
  2. New Screenshots

    I hope the unique Industrial demand is because the beta is restricted and not because they threw away all different Industries... Well they already simplified C...
  3. I think it depends on how much industry jobs are available in B and how much demand there is in A and C. It also depends on which Residential city you develop first: it will take the jobs available from B first. Regarding the type of Industry in city B I think it really depends on your population (in A and C) wealth, education, etc...
  4. Road display bug

    yeah I remember now I had roundabout instead of the 2nd picture crossroad, but I didn't remove or modified anything nor install an update or whatever so I don't understand why it changed, it should still be installed. And if I reinstall what I had installed before it should reappear by itself or I still have to redraw them? Thanks for reponding. EDIT : ok I reinstall the NAM and update and everything went back to normal, roundabouts and 45 degree roads reappeared.
  5. Hello, It's been a while since i play to sc4, and today when I launched some roads had disappeared, but when I rebuild a tile, some of it reappears : This is at start : img246.imageshack.us/img246/8752/sc4roadprob.jpg and then when I rebuild a tile, all a part of the road reappears : img205.imageshack.us/img205/8703/sc4roadprob2.jpg