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  1. Hello!

    Thanks for the reply... what does Omnibus stand for?
  2. Hello!

    Hello. I've had Sim City for my mac for about two years in its original box, along with Rush Hour and have only begun to start to play (about two weeks ago). I bought it because I loved the original simcity2000 game on windows and thought it would be nice to play again. Well, never did I think there would this entire community devoted to all things Sim City - uuhh... as I type that i can imagine that comment sounding a bit naive or silly but I have not been playing video games much.... Anyway, I've been lurking for a bit and its great to know that such a resource is here to help. So on to my two questions. 1. A general FAQ. Everything here is a bit overwhelming. Is there a general FAQ for mac Newbies or newbies in general that someone can point me to? I think I have read that one can do most things on the mac that you can do on windows but its hard to tell. I have installed the "essential" updates and some of the landmarks but find that the other things are going over my head. 2. Park mods. Whilst browsing I have found virtually no mods/addons/not sure what they are called for parks, playgrounds, etc. Is this right or am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read.