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  1. OK, possible : but I tried more than 5 suggestions, all different, and this one did ir for me.
  2. Rush Hour - NAM module in French ?

    Sorry Tarkus : my fault (mea culpa!) I'm talking of the very latest network add-on mod (Jan 2009?) - which I've been searching and searching in other languages on the web and here, and I think it's not available yet ? Thanks anyway for your reaction.
  3. If your game crashes with no explanation AND YOU HAVE A DUO-PROCESSOR, try this : it helped me definitely: - open the game - don't go further than the region / city choice - click ALT/TAB to return to your desktop - click control/alt/delete to get the menu "windows task manager" - choose "processes" - right click simcity.exe and choose "set affinity" - clear one of the two processors - click OK Go back to the game with ALT/TAB and it won't crash anymore. Hope this helps, Anne
  4. Hi again, I seriously think about re-installing the game because many added (custom) features are not available in the plugin folders (my docs or under program files) so I assume that some dependencies have not been followed due to my ignorance. I'm somewhat puzzled by some help files which refer to downloading/extracting add-ons in the plugin folder, sometimes being the my docs/Simcity/plugin folder, sometimes the plugin folder under ProgramFiles. I cannot load the program itself under Programme Files, so here, the two plugin folders are spread over the L:\ (program) and E:\ (my docs) drives. Is this the reason for the current mess ? Thanks for any guidance !!
  5. Hi there, I installed the game originally in French and added the NAM module later. Now I'm puzzled with a mix of languages en descriptions of what this add-on means to roads, bridges, etc.. Is there a plan to issue this NAM in other languages ? Thanks !
  6. Does anyone know how to enhance specific sounds? It sounds stupid, but I'd love to hear upcoming trains wherever I am in the game. Found the sound options menu, but it doens't offer a +/- sound feature and doesn't handle trains as such. Thanks lot !