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  1. What you HATE about SC4...

    What I hate about the game is the disasters, not that they occur, but they lack good ones, like the old hurricane and flood from the original game. Not just that, but why didn't Maxis release more building sets? Are they getting lazy, thinking the mod community will do it all for them? The music can be boring, but you can put in mp3s in the que, just not control which songs play. I wish that you couldnt get music until you have a radio station in the region though. And that you could get ads on the radio. Horrible thought with that, just what does Dr. Vu sound like? "Greetings SimNation, This is Dr. Vu of Vu's Tires! Come on down to our local store and give us your hard earned cash and we'll give you back the tires your grandfather buried in the creek generations ago! And as a bonus, we'll even through in a spare tire from our labs that has traction like a sneaker on hot asphalt! Just don't go looking for the soles of your kids shoes." Hmmmm, maybe I should start a thread on Dr. Vu-isms. -CalicoJack
  2. Whats your vice?

    Oy. Try to leave yourself room for some transit corridors, future things like rail or highways, but realize that the sims will decide some things for you, with the routes and such they take. Watch out for eye-candy too early in a city, take a more slow approach. And remember, in real life, every city goes through cycles, in budgets as well as growth and decay. It ain't so much fixin' wrongs as it is evolution and rebirth in the city when you have to redesign. just take things slow, enjoy, and try things. Better you learn in the game, than have it all drop on ya as a real city planner. Not that those guys do any better than most of the SC fans.
  3. Funny, all my towns with River in their name were terrible. I think its a psychological thing, not a coding thing.
  4. Salt Lake City

    A little more info may be needed, Trax is SLC's light rail, with tracks down the middle of the street on the downtown parts and along that university line. The commuter rail, high speed from the get go, travels almost 50 miles when done, and will get extended south, it the folks in Utah County ever think it over and stop arguing about it. And dont forget, those cnayons, they are snow funnels in the winter, but terrific to escape the valley heat in the summer. I'd add my own pics to this, but the originator has better ones. Been wondering if anyone had a CJ of SLC up, was going to look it over, and found this discussion. dead though it may be, its still interesting. -Calico.
  5. future of simcity is dire

    EA bought the MAXIS brand just for the Sims, which fits their core games better than Sim City does. Face it, they like online games that they can start charging a fee to play ontop of the cost of the game. Pay to play is the future of most games, and when they try it with SC, well, it will end the game. A lot of us dont mind if an online fee is there, as long as we can play the game solo and not pay it (my credit card never goes out over the web, as I dont have one, but if I did, why should I trust the gaming companies to keep that info safe? heck, wal-mart can't.) Whatever the stage, and I hope SC-5 is really coming, I cant say that I will be buying it. For those of you who didnt notice, there was no system requirements on Societies' box, which is why I still aint bought it. Why buy a game I cant run or can't know if I can run? I still have hopes, cant wait to get cities unlimited if I can run it, or even citylife. but my hopes for good games, well, remember gang, SC2000 was a major disappointment, SC3000 only moderatley better, then came SC4, the Home run. Regards to all, and may all our gaming dreams be fulfilled, -Calico Jack
  6. Lincoln, Nebraska

    Mr. Beer, I am deeply in your debt sir, you have outstripped the version of my old home that I was making, and exceeded my expectations of a truly interesting Lincoln, Flatwater USA. Be assured that you have captured most of the town as it existed and still exists, though my memories are over half a decade old of the town now. The only thing I can see left for you to do is to add some of the local commercial stores, things only some one still in Lincoln could guide you to. congrats agains, and may you sim your way to paradise in this land of flat waters and fields of grains. -Calico Jack