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  1. Dear Friends of Simtropolis: I write to you this message to advertise that my models contains 4 zipped files, You can find two (Maxis Nite & DarkNite) with plaza renderized by me, and other two version without File.SC4Desc and without .Lot File, the last two are for you free edition, feel free to do anything you want with them.

    I ask you the most attentive way next thing... Do not ask me for files with lots edited by me in the SC4 lot editor with plops, flora, overlay texture, etc. I really, really, really, really hate with all my soul edit in plugin manager and lot editor, and then I don't understand very well what are you trying to say, my language is Spanish and translators are not clear.  Please, understand, my passion is just modeling buildings, Please do not make me hate this awesome hobby, and make me stop uploading new building in this forum. 

    Thanks for your time and reading this, is important for me, thanks for downloading and using my models, and remeber is just a hobby and nobody gets paid for this hard work in here... love you guys! 

    Sincerely, your friend... Diego Del Llano.

    "Just Another Typing Monkey".

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    2. Edvarz


      Much apreciado :thumb:

      And don't worry carnal, there's always some of us who are worthless with modelling but would like to try their hand at lotting some of your amazing creations. Keep up the excelent work!

    3. mattb325


      Don't stop creating,and always enjoy what you do. Your work is beautiful! :bunny:

    4. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      We really appreciate all the magnificent creations you've shared with the community.

      Keep up the good work! *:thumb: