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  1. Going at the end of January to Los Angeles and the Orange County for a conference!!! Any worthy things to do/see/eat there besides the Hollywood/Beverly Hills combo?

    1. airman15


      California Science Museum is a must-see if you're into space exploration! Also the Bronson caves which were used in early Batman films. It's a more natural getaway but parking may be a bit of a hassle with the two lane roadways leading to it. Should you opt for there you'll be roughly in the same area as the Griffith Observatory which offers a view of the Hollywood sign! Those are two of the many museums throughout the city. 

      On the opposite side of the hills where Griffith Observatory sits (northerly direction) is the Los Angeles Zoo, which I haven't had a chance to visit yet neither have I the Queen Mary. Very Recently they introduced a new museum for the USS Iowa which for the longest time was mothballed in northern California. My dad would know more about what those are like. Both of us want to check out more of the museums down there like the Petersen collection and another air museum near the Torrance Airport (home to the YF-17 and YF-23, each are one of two examples).

      Los Angeles has several renowned parks including Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Knotts Berry Farm. Disneyland will be a very pricey choice especially if you're staying at one of their hotels but it offers a direct link room to park. Then of course there's the Hollywood walk of fame but when I was there about two years ago it was a little worse for wear with the constant traffic over it.

      Aside from the ones where I stated otherwise, I have tried each of these at least once. If you have anymore questions ask me and i'll try to give my best answer if I can.