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  1. The new Sim City is very down of 4. I hope fore something new
  2. Thank you very much. The guide of Sim City about transfer don't writte anything about the same DLC's. I have the simple Sim City no Tomorrow and at the transfer the region there is a city from tomorrow. I think this is problem who don't warning from play.
  3. "Unable to load the city at this time. Please try again" This made after transfer region from multi
  4. I have SimCity but i dont Know whow make underground rail, there is not farmers like SimCity 4,
  5. Buy the game

    My Sim City disk broken. Please tell who i can buy the game Deluxe or Rash Hour. I am in Greece. Thank
  6. SimFox CandyGarden

    Very nice!
  7. TSC Perpignan

    sorry my english, i doing this but is very - very large region ... all of the screen. help me ...
  8. TSC Perpignan

    Very nice!