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  1. I'm totally fed up with Windows 8. I gave it one more chance in hope that I finally solved the latency bug, but it's back again. Guess I have to upgrade to Windows 7 and re-install all prgrams again...

    1. MandelSoft


      FYI, Ubuntu is not an option, because that OS doesn't play nice with my university programs or 3D Studio Max. If it was, I would've tried that.

    2. CapTon


      The only problem I've ever experienced with Windows 8 (and continue to experience) is that it can't run PC games like SimCity 4 on it without bugging the whole thing. I have to run the games in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode. But I've never had a problem with latency.

    3. darkaliendude


      Windows 9 should really remove the metro UI. It's great for things like the Surface and Windows Phone, but for a desktop it doesn't fit.