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  1. Another music related status update; I finished a new track, "Moonrise". Click here to listen: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24507921/Music/MandelSoft/Moonrise.mp3

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    2. tSlater


      Clap and hi-hats could be a little more clear and pronounced, I find myself having to loop the previous track all the way to the first major break to keep the energy because of it. Other than that, it sounds great and has an approach that allows it to be used in sets that don't necessarily focus on uplifting, a major plus in my book. I'll be supporting it on my radio show, Moonlit Wanderlust, at 8pm Eastern, Tuesday night, on www.lazerfm.com and at 11pm Eastern, Wednesday night, on...

    3. tSlater


      ...on www.radiotrix.org

      Correct those claps and hi-hats and I just may give it a few more plays.

    4. tSlater


      Actually, maybe that's because it's 160kbps. Do you have a 320kbps copy you could send me?