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  1. Commercial Zones not building up.

    30k-40k a month!! now we're talking! lol I'll be going out and buying it in the morning! As for the business deals... I don't have any of them. I clicked on the gambling lol thats all i have Lynxafc
  2. Commercial Zones not building up.

    lol. thats a good point! I'M THE MAYOR! I will go out and buy the expansion tomorrow. toll booths sounds like something that will save me! It's probably because i'm totally new to the game but it just seems impossable to make a BIG amount of money in my cities. I keep finding things out on this post so straight after I posted I'm back on the game again.... then I check the forums...... back on the game again lol. Lynxafc
  3. Commercial Zones not building up.

    If you have a SC4 manual, then it has a page that contains a table. There is specific description about what a specific zone needs, from commute times to air polution.quote> Yes I have the manual but I don't see any table, what page is it on? also I don't have any expansions or mods, just SC4. Thanks for all the posts, Have you lot ever thought about making one huge guide and have everyone add there bit (like a wiki type guide). I have my taxes at 8% - 9% but there is a demand for more schools and clinics and adding them has made me lose money now every month. Maybe some mods could help, i'll have to look into it. ALSO is it worth me going out buying the expansion rush hour? surely it's been out for awhile now and can't be too expensive. once again thanks for the posts! Lynx
  4. Commercial Zones not building up.

    WOW thanks for the replies guys! I put down some low dence commercial with some parks and they actually changed!! I need to look into how to get the most out of the game but them just changing into shops is brill! I moved the taxes around abit and i'm making a small profit of $350-$400 a month (I know it's nothing great but compared to losing $2,000+ I'm starting to enjoy the game!) I seem to have stopped at 22,000 population probably a way of telling me to put down more residential but i'm at a point where I'm thinking "if it's not broken, don't touch it!" Lynxafc
  5. Hey, I'm pretty new to the game. Have it installed and had a crack at a city and failed. Residential and Industrial zones build up nicely but i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong with my commercial zones they just aren't building up. I've built all 3 zones with medium density. Lynxafc