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  1. Preview

    Monegasque=thanks.Iuse LBT's terrain mod www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm
  2. Play de Fanabe

    Hi I start building tourist area.It will be build up in two area Play de Fanabe and Play de Americas, 3 photos on Fanabe area Play de Fanabe's hotels cheaper rooms near highway.
  3. Preview

    Hello again Thanks all for comments. Replies... Sky Guy=thanks your advice=) Retep Molinari=your are right,now they are more raelistic TekindusT=style is like Canary Island here is last photos of year 2009 Growing city of Puerto Cruz Nice houses in Puerto Cruz La Orotavas plantations
  4. Preview

    hello new cj coming up Santa Cruz airport Small town
  5. Jargeah

    Originally posted by: suplado! quote> Where did you get that big storage tank?
  6. Hello.Here is some photos from my job.The place is in helsinki/Finland