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  1. 'Park Menu' Freezing SC4

    Hello everyone I have removed all the .jpeg, .bmp, .txt, and .pdf files from the plugins folder. I played the game for about two hours. Scrolled up and down the parks menu; SC4 did not freeze. Spent about two hours building up a development in one of the eastern cities of my region, during this I had the game on pause. I'm not sure if the problem has been ratified or the SC4 did not freeze because the game was on pause, thus reducing the load on the system. For now,, everything seems to be fine.. Cheers, CoV
  2. 'Park Menu' Freezing SC4

    I've noticed a .IFM file .. ? What is this ?
  3. 'Park Menu' Freezing SC4

    Hello sam And I thought there was something wrong with XP. Anyhow, thanks for the continuous support. I've gone into the plugins folder now, and im noticing many .jpegs, .bmps, and readme files. These files are not only taking up space on my hard drive but are also a burden on the game. As per your suggestion I am going to delete these files for good. Second step, I will run the game, and go into the parks menu, wait and see if the game freezes, and if it does... I'll just leave it there.. go watch Tv.. come back after a while and see if the game has resumed to normal play.. If not.. then I'll inform you .. Cheers, CoV For my game 4-5 minutes load time is fairly short. (My computer is also 4 years old which doesn't help) And when I play Sims 2, I go and watch tv for half an hour or so while its loading. I'm just a plugin addict. Another suggestion is to make sure you remove any unnecessary files from your plugins folders. Often people put jpeg images and htm or text files in their download package. None of these file types need to be in your plugins folder and only slow the game when its trying to load game files. Put any readme's and associated documentation files in another folder on your hard drive away from your SC4 game folders. Use Windows explorer to sort by file type and remove any that are html, jpeg, txt files out of your plugins folder. Legitimate plugin files tend to be .dat, .sc4lot, .sc4desc and .sc4model files. Also any .sav files can go elsewhere.quote>
  4. 'Park Menu' Freezing SC4

    Hello dadyrgluv,, I think I will leave this process until I have no other choice. But it is definately a good idea. Regarding the load times; that is definately he issue. I have just gone into my plugins folder and there is a lot of plugins, a lot of readme's and a lot of images. As sam has recommended in his post, I'll first start of by removing all the unneccessary files from my plugins folder (readme's, and images)... I will clean out the un-neccssary junk and launch the game.. wait till it freezes, and then see if it resumes back to normal.. Also, how does the plugin manager work ? Because I have a lot of files (majority of them) that are not sorted into folders, so I am lost as to which files belongs to what. Thanks dadyrgluv Cheers, CoV Originally posted by: dadyrghluv when i say SC4M i mean the model file, i thought that was it's extension, but perhaps not. my best advice is to take out your plugins folder, and return each plugin manually 2-3 at a time, start the game. DO NOT SAVE THE GAME, just exit, otherwise this will cause a corrupt save file. until u find the culprit. some plugins do not play well with others, and this is 9/10 the problem u are having. shotgunning plugins is one way to wreck a good region/city. do be careful when installing plugins and make sure u always read the readme file's, as this will give u important details on it's status and problems. as for the long load times, this is due to having a huge plugins folder, and ram can help make this faster, the more the merrier.quote>
  5. 'Park Menu' Freezing SC4

    Thanks a lot sam. I'll definately leave the game running the next time it freezes. Also, ever since I installed many plug-ins the game takes about 4 to 5 minutes just to start up (for the EA logo to appear) .. Does this happen to you as well ? I've generally noticed an over all slow down. I'm in my office now. Will experiment once I get off work! Cheers, CoV Originally posted by: sam Isn't an SC4M file a map file from SC4Mapper? Do they have issues with the parks menu? I don't know exactly how long mine freezes for (maybe 60-120 seconds, enough time to make a coffee), but I usually switch programs for a few minutes and come back the first time I open the menu. .After that it gets a bit quicker. When I have less in my plugins folders it works a lot faster. Also perhaps you could try isolating any potential problem plugins by wolfpenning. Remove half your plugins and test. If ok put half the removed plugins back in and retest. If still ok, put in half the remaining plugins etc. If there are any problems remove the half you put in and add only half of those. Keep going until any problem file is isolated.quote>
  6. 'Park Menu' Freezing SC4

    Hello sam I also have a lot of files under my 'parks' menu. Can you please tell me how long does your system hangs for? Also, I've noticed that menus take sometime for me to load. As always, any help is appreciated! Thanks sam Cheers, CoV
  7. 'Park Menu' Freezing SC4

    Hello dadyrghluv Thank you for taking out time to reply. The game was working fine until about 3 to 4 days ago. This problem is very recent. Prior to having this problem I added a lot of new plug-ins. I'm currently working on a Middle Eastern themed region; so I needed plug-ins for airports, oil terminals, etc. The problem only occurs when I access the parks menu; and its kind of a pain, because I can't really work on my city further. My system specs are as follows: Intel Core-Duo 2.66 Ghz 1 GB DDR-II 533 Mhz 100 GB HDD (HDD X 2 @ 60GB and 40GB) Nvidia 7600 GT 256 DDR-II RAM Running Windows XP Professional * It is definately not a Dual Core issue. I have resolved the Dual Core issue by setting the afinity for SimCity 4 to run on a single core processor. How do I find out what .SC4 file I could be missing ? This could be the problem too.. Cheers, CoV Originally posted by: dadyrghluv did u install any new plugins into the game prior to the problem? some system specs may also shed light on this. i'll take a stab and say it sounds like your missing a .SC4M file, which when the game searches for it, it just causes the game to hang since its not there.quote>
  8. 'Park Menu' Freezing SC4

    Hi everyone, I'm CityofVillains; been a member on Simtropolis for sometime now. But mostly remained quiet and browsed the forums. But now I need some help.. I'm having trouble with the 'parks' menu with-in the game. This problem started to happen very recently. I can play the game for hours and access any other menu (eg. such as landmarks, gifts, roads, rail, etc.) and i have no trouble; the game works fine. * But as soon as I access the 'parks' menu and scroll down to find what I'm looking for the game just hangs. I've done the following: 1) Complete system defrag 2) Performed a full system scan for any viruses 3) Registry maintainence 4) Affinity procedure for dual-core processors as outlined here on ST But so far I've had no luck. The game runs fine, but everytime I access the parks menu.. SC4 just hangs. It seems like I cant put down parks, and various other plops that I've got.. If anyone can help me figure out whats wrong.. It would be highly appreciated.. Thank you .. CoV
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    A picture from my latest region,
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