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  1. SimCity 4 Exchange Problem

    Originally posted by: Stefan38 Anybody cracked this yet - exactly the same result here - files are downloading - god knows where too! - but not to my document/simcity4/pluginsquote>I haven't figured it out yet either.
  2. SimCity 4 Exchange Problem

    Originally posted by: tungston Vista has pretty strong security features, you would need to be logged in as administrator, and then take ownership of the user folder. You should already have "My documents" folder, but it works as a shortcut to the "Documents" folder. That may only exsist if you did a file transfer from an earlier Windows version. Edit: I downloaded the pz1x1 lot by stardog, it went into the documents\simcity 4\plugins. It showed up in a search with just the "pz1x1". I don't know why you are having a problem, unless your firewall, or antivirus is stoping it, or quarantining it. quote> I have disabled my firewall and antivirus to no avail. I don't think that its a security "feature" that's preventing me from creating Documents and Settings. When I create a new folder and name it that, it automatically brings up a Move Folder dialog and says "The files in New Folder will be moved to C:\Users."
  3. SimCity 4 Exchange Problem

    Originally posted by: tungston Vinces:mattatut: Have either of you fired up the game to see if the lots show up on the menu?quote> They don't show up.
  4. Buying the game secondhand does nothing to support the software company. They don't owe you the patch and we don't owe you the patch. For $15 at Amazon.com just get the Deluxe Edition.
  5. SimCity 4 Exchange Problem

    Originally posted by: N_O_Body You can only use IE on the Maxis site because they are in love with the ActiveX methods. However, if you download stuff from them onto Vista, it is anyone's guess where they put the files, even temporarily. Try creating a dummy structure: C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins and try again. You can try to fool it into using the old decor this way. If it works, the files will be in the Plugins folder, or in the Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4\Plugins folder. Don't you just love operating system programmers who change the names of structures just for the hell of it? Grrrrrr. For other downloads, be sure to set your browser to ask where to put saved files.quote> I've tried that too, when I try to create "Documents and Settings" it won't let me, it says that anything in the folder will be moved into the Users directory. Vista prevents you from creating a "Documents and Settings" directory. I may have to install SC4 on an XP computer, download the lots I want, burn to CD, and then download from the CD into my Plugins folder. If the EA exchange is incompatible with Vista, you'd think there'd be a lot more complaints here. Because of this I'm thinking that it must just be my problem.
  6. SimCity 4 Exchange Problem

    Originally posted by: ssc4k try reinstallign ie7 or try firefoxquote>As I've already said, you have to use IE. It requires an ActiveX control and IE. When I try with Firefox, which I use primarily, it tells me to use IE. Nonetheless, here are the screenshots.
  7. SimCity 4 Exchange Problem

    @vinces: by any chance, have you tryed looking for a My Documents Folder in your User folder to see if it was thinking you were using a older version of windows? It may be saving to the my documents when it should be saving to the documents folder. Check for a My Documents folder under C:\users\(your computer username)\ If you see a my documents folder, open it, then look for a simcity 4 folder, then a plugins folder.quote> I've already checked all of that out. There's nothing.
  8. SimCity 4 Exchange Problem

    I don't think that you guys understand, it doesn't give you that option. It makes you install an ActiveX control, which checks if SC4 is installed and automatically downloads it into the proper folder. It doesn't let you directly download the file. I'll post a couple of screenshots soon showing the process.
  9. SimCity 4 Exchange Problem

    If it is the landmarks, etc. that you are downloading, then they default to the "Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4\Plugins.quote> I have tried downloading many types of files, none of them can be found anywhere on the computer. None of them show up in Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins nor in Program Files. my unzipped files usually download to the desktop for me. its usually wherever you want it to go. isnt there an option for you to select where you want to save it as and where to when you click the link? i have XP, so maybe vista has changed all of that. i also have IE 7. try firefox, they definitely have an option to "open" or "remove" the file. maybe you can open or at least figure out where the zipped file is that way.quote> None of the files in the exchange give you an option of where to download, they download by default to the Plugins folder. I use Firefox as my main browser, but the exchange requires Internet Explorer. I think you may be talking about the Exchange at this site, I'm talking about the official SC4 exchange. mabye there downloading into the my documents plugin folder?quote> That's where I want them to download to, but that's not where they're downloading to. If I try to download a file for the second time, it says it already exists and shows the path of where it supposedly already exists, and its the correct location in Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins, but they don't exist there, nor anywhere else on the computer.
  10. I am unable to download any files from the official EA SC4 exchange. I press download, and everything goes through, and it says that it was successful. When I go to my Plugins folder, however, the files never make it there. If I try to download the file again, it will say that it already exists, but it doesn't. If I search my computer for the file, it doesn't come up anywhere. I am running Windows Vista Business and am downloading with the newest edition of Internet Explorer 7. I have searched, but cannot find any solutions to this problem. Anyone know what the problem is? Thanks.