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    A long, long time ago...

    I was following the tutorial put forth in OMNIBUS for USGS map making using MicroDEM, but the program is freezing everytime I try to load the TIF File. Help!
  2. Help with BAT

    Thanks! That helped out a lot.
  3. Help with BAT

    I just got Sim City 4 deluxe today, and I am curious as to what software I need to run the Building Architecture Tool(BAT) where I can get(no download from SC4 site), and how to work it. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I am very interested in modding and creating new buildings for personal use and to share with other people. PS. The link on the official site that sends you to get gmax is no longer valid, because Autodesk does not offer gmax for free as a separate entity anymore, so any help here would be greatly appreciated.