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  1. BAT Program

    Originally posted by: Jasoncw Yes, you can go to simcities.com In the future, look through the BAT Mega FAQ at the top of this forum to see if your question is answered there.quote> Thanks man! hope to be making kick*** BATS soon!
  2. BAT Program

    is there any other way i can get the plug in manage and lot editor with the BAT program without having to go to simcity.ea.com i cannot retrieve my information from there.. this will be my last post of the day... thanks bye
  3. Help needed.

    i didnt download anything from simcity.ea because i needed to register and i did like 3 years ago but i forgot my information, so im just using gmax... would that stuff still work? i dont got the "BAT Tool" from sim city.com just gmax :x