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  1. San Diego Mormon Temple

    nice sd temple...i live downtown in salt lake city...on 3rd south...n i would like an slc temple...im not mormon...but i dont them there good nice people
  2. Baltimore Sweel Front Town Homes

    just like the one on the wire lol
  3. Salt Lake City

    lol thats my home downtown
  4. Splash Point Water Park Water Slide Tower

    lol ive been to seven peeks...lol im in downtown slc though so i got 2 travel a lil bit nice work
  5. BlaM Family Dollar

    lol this really looks like the one about 4 miles west of me...wow nice job
  6. David Collett Stadium

    creations like these make me wanna buy sc4 again...lol lil kids step on it n was playing frisbie with it lol
  7. Small Football Ground 3

    im lovin the field nice work man