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  1. he dude, nice building, keep on the great work!

  2. Emerald Plaza

    very ugly.... *meh, just kiddin :D this is the best BAT i've ever seen for this month!! unique, well modeled, very nice texture, great nitelite.... 5/5 no doubt....
  3. BAT - Troubleshooting & General Discussion

    how about this problem? occurs after i export the model using let-there-be-light script. I used the same way as i usually did when exporting model without that script. And i've followed the instruction in Bat4Max thread.
  4. Bat4Max 2K edition V 4.5

    i see... i realize there is alot of things i should learn while using 3dsMax. Interesting and challenging i think... guess i will spend more time to find out how to use this Max better in the future.... thanks alot SimFox.... btw, i just noticed that ur profile pic is actually a group teapots (on the past couple years i thought it was just random circles.... lol)
  5. Bat4Max 2K edition V 4.5

    well it was not that very long, but still longer than usual. It took couple seconds to render before using the script, and now become almost 30 secs up to 1 minute (for the 2 BATs above) and maybe more if the BATs is more complicated. It is not a big deal for me btw. I just wonder how to change the settings into 3dsmax default if i want to speed render my BAT just want to check how it looks i use laptop, ASUS K50AB with AMD athlon 64 X2 2.1GHz, 4GB ram, and ATI HD4570 512MB.
  6. Bat4Max 2K edition V 4.5

    is that normal when i use let-thereBe-light script, the render time is significantly longer time than without that script? but im really suprised to know that the result is really awesome!! ermmm.... how to change the settings if i want to use default Max render setting for fast render>? I'm new in 3dSMAX
  7. THE PEAK (Final)

    OMG.... OMG.... OMG..... Great BAT.... ajegileeee lanjutGANNNN!!!!
  8. Da Vinci (Update)

    awesome!! i think you should improve your texturing skill to balance the quality of your model. like windows, you can ask somebody here who's expert in windows texturing/nite lighting... i bet your BATs will be more and more realistic. texturing is more challenging you know :) btw busway ane bisa bantu kok kalo agan pengen :D nice work gan!!! note:kalo ente bikin monas ane cendolin deh ntar di kaskus :D
  9. SimCity 2010

    ermm.... how to load this map btw? no grayscale image?
  10. BATs Currently in Progress

    this is my current project.... need a little more effort on the texture. The details, i will put them after i finish with main texture
  11. Modern University

    coolllll.... u need to state if this lot need some dependencies or not.... such as bldgprop 1/2.dat
  12. ITC TDP 47 Pine St

    we need more~
  13. HK Elizabeth House

  14. Commercial Center Kerdaro 1

    very cool and BIG, but it could be better if u tweak the rooftop texture. Nice work btw
  15. Admiralty Mall Pencil Pack

    so simple and amazing!!!