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  1. Sim City Societies Traffic Light

    Just because it has Simcity Socities and I think thats a disgrace to the good name of Simcity.
  2. BLaM St Twiggyan Hospital

    Whoops. Meant to ask, shouldn't it have a helipad ? I know most major hospitals do have them for critically injured patients, but not all. I personally think you should add the helipad on the parking garage. Or w/e the building on the top right side is. That way patients who are in critical condition can be flown there for treatment by the best doctors in Simcity !
  3. BLaM St Twiggyan Hospital

    I have personally used this hospital in my city and I have to say it's fantastic. You will see hospitals like this in citys with over 250,000 people. The default maxis hospital doesn't even look like a major city hospital. It also gives a good patient capactiy compared with the maxis hospital. Great Job. Looks great and works great with my FDNY ambulances.
  4. Different Angles for Diagonals

    Hopefully you will understand the problem now that I uploaded the images. Sorry it took so long, but it took like 30 mins before I figure out that instead of typing .jpg that i should use the SAVE FILE AS and select .jpg. D'OH !
  5. Different Angles for Diagonals

    Thanks. If someone could walk me through how to post pictures, I could even show what im trying to create. It is a major piss-off. I don't think the grid should be there anymore. We should be able to create realistic curving transporation networks (trains/roads/avenues/highways). Maybe keep the grid for zoning, as I do find it useful for that. Anyways yah. If someone could please help me with the picture posting problem it would be a major help. Im off to bed. I'll check in tommorrow.
  6. Damn. I forgot a title and it erased what I wrote. Okay. Im trying to create FDR drive around the island of manhattan on a NYC map I downloaded. It isn't for a CJ or anything like that, but its purley for my enjoyment because I want to recreate a scale city of my favorite city, which is NYC. Anyways I ran into a problem. The stupid game wont allow me to create diagonals at a different angle, or nice curves. If you look at the two pics, one is real life of what FDR Drive looks like, the other is my crappy one. You will surley notice the problem. Is there a mod or something out there that can fix this problem ? It would be a huge help. Thanks. Sorry if the pics are small..but im to stupid to figure out how to make them BIG ! EDIT: Damn, I cant get them to work....
  7. NHP New York City by beskhu3epnm

    I tried twice to download it but only got 177 KB files both times, which wouldn't unzip. This try, my 3rd, seems to be working :) Great job. Looks very real. Kinda odd how you gotta use the Mapper tho. 8/10
  8. New York City

    Wow you know....I live in a small farming town in Alberta, Canada and the biggest city i've been to is Vancouver. I have wanted to live in NYC since I was 5 years old because it's one of the best citys in the world in my opinion. Sure most people dont' like all the noise, traffic, pollution, crime and so on but all that stuff along with the skyscrapers, the people and the whole transportation system is what attracts me to it. Of course the chances of me getting a greencard so I can move there are slim but I will visit it one day and when I move to toronto I will prolly go every month or so because its not far away. Anyways off topic...sorry. Your CJ is fantastic. Absolutley awesome. I am personally working on my own NYC in-game and its nothing like yours. Great Job Im going to be following this CJ very closely
  9. Show us your Rush Hour / Traffic Jams

    How the hell did you manage to get that much traffic on your roads haljackey ? My current city of 200,000+ people doesn't look anything like that ! Let me know will ya ? Id like to see traffic jams in some areas to make it more realistic (not as bad as yours tho ) Thanks. KD.
  10. Simcity 5 Discussion

    Simcity 5 DEF needs the option of creating different areas in the city with different taxes. I mean Manhattan has chinatown, hells kitchen, harlem, upper east side, lower east side, SOHO just to name a few places. You cannot do this in simcity 4. One city is just named the same. It needs the option of creating different areas or zones within the city and charging different tax rates. A area along the coastline is worth more then the area next to the landfill after all. I also came up with a awesome new idea for a highway system so check it out ! http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=124&threadid=89236&enterthread=y Also I hate how stuff abandons. They take the longest commute possiable instead of riding the elevated rail station just a few blocks away. I mean I dont see how 5760 people in 1 building can all lose there jobs at once ! I mean its some serious bull***** that MUST be redone. If 1 person or 10 or 100 or even 1000 out of that 5760 loses there job, they move away ! The whole building doesnt just abandon and turn ugly. They should make it so that people just move out then they can move in at later dates if theres jobs for them. It should also show in the menus something like Moved Out Last Month: 1450 People Moved In Last Month: 1670 People and keep track every month of how many people that building lost or bought in. That way it will prevent those skyscrapers turning into ugly unwanted sights. Also they should make it so all the commerical buildings jobs get FILLED. I have a law firm skyscraper that employs a total of 1140 people out of a possiable 1470. Then i have a residential zone thats nearby (20 block radius) that has no jobs. Well there is about 330 jobs in the building. Go work there people. The game should seriously have a employment office as a reward. Say for having a total of 100,000 people. It would allow them to go there and it would help them find jobs.
  11. New Road Ideas

    I really do appreciate your comments Tarkus. I want to begin by thanking you. The parking issue isnt really big. Id, along with prolly alot of other people would like to see it, but it is just eye-candy so lets just forget all about it. As for the HOV lanes, if there not do-able don't worry bout it. I would however really like to see bus lanes. It would make transit alot faster and more economical, and decrease commute times which is a very good thing espically in a city of 400,000 people. The one-way roads and avenues would be great to see in citys. It would really improve traffic in downtown sectors. I am of course not expecting this in the next few weeks as I am well aware it would take months and months, if not a year to do. But even if it took a year, it would be REALLY nice to see this. I am glad to hear a 5 lane one-way is in the works. As Tarukus said It would at least in theory be possible to do wider/narrower one-ways than that, though some of them would take up the same number of tiles, and I'd have to do some experimentation to see if there's actually a functional difference (capacity) between the different widths quote>. I am also sure that if jplumbley and mikeseith can do a 5 lane one-way, that a 4 and 3 lane are possiable. Also in reference to your post about the 3 lane/3 lane avenue I am really pumped bout that. That will be great in my cities. I also am not aware of what the TLA Project is. A link to what it is about would be most helpful. Samuelzrp.....highways getting congested ? Try linking 9 citys (in the same region) all built on the biggest maps possiable, with over 250,000 people in them. Also try having your highway thro a commercial zone and industrial zone that provides 80,000 jobs and 47,000 jobs. You'll see red highways....just immagine what the roads and avenues are like. I always have major traffic problems. I place bus stops every block...which is like every 6 squares and still they get overcrowded (I use the custom 2500/passenger stops by deadwoods). Anyways thanks everyone for your posts, espically tarkus because not only am I glad to hear stuff is in the works, im glad to hear that my ideas are not all alone out there.
  12. New Road Ideas

    First off, I hope there possiable to even mod. Second of all, Im hoping a NAM moder might come on here and see them and use them and third off, they would take so much time to Mod.
  13. New Road Ideas

    Okay. Well here they are. Some people mighta already thought of them, bascially due to the fact that there seen in most major american cities. 1-Way Road Types 3 Lane One-Way 4 Lane One-Way 5 Lane One-Way 6 Lane One-Way The 3-4 Lane One-Way roads can be fitted with lanes for parking on both sides if choosen to do so. Avenue Types 1 Lane Left, 2 Lanes Right 2 Lane Left, 3 Lanes Right 3 Lane Left, 3 Lanes Right 2 Lanes Left, 1 Lane Right 3 Lanes Left, 2 Lanes Right The Avenues with 2 lanes and 3 lanes on both sides could have a extra lane on each side for parking cars. Idea 1: Default Maxis Avenue with 1 EXTRA lane on both sides devoted to Bus/HOV. Total of 3 lanes per side. Idea 2: 3 Lane Avenue on both sides with 4th lane devoted to Bus/HOV. Total of 4 lanes per side. Also seen in NYC (and other cities im guessing) is Avenues/Roads with lanes for Fire/Emergency vehicles. Idea 1: Default Maxis Avenue with 1 EXTRA lane on both sides for Fire/Emergency Vehicles. Total of 3 lanes per side. Idea 2: 3 Lane Avenue on both sides with 4th lane devoted to Fire/Emergency Vehicles. Total of 4 Lanes per side. Freeways/Interstates/Highways (w/e you call them) 4, 5 and 6 laned highways. Yep well these are my ideas. Most of them ive seen in real life, movies or TV shows (which means there real). If you like them or hate them just post your personal thoughts.
  14. New Road Ideas

    Hey. I have some pretty good ideas for road systems for simcity 4 that may have or may have not been realized yet so I was wondering where I would post them, or who to contact via private message to get the most attention towards them for use in the NAM or something. Moving to NAM research forum.
  15. Simcity 5 Discussion

    I have a custom region and all the ....lets say squares are the largest size possiable. About 9 of them will serve as 1 main city....even tho there all seperate they will have teh same name and all be zoned for skyscrapers. The other squares will be suburbs, farm land and industrial zones. I know this prolly sounds complicated, so some day ill upload a pic to show everyone. Thanks for your votes so far also !