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  1. Hello, i' ve been playing Simcity since the first game was released. A few years ago I also played the Simcity 4 game but I stopped for some reason I cannot remember. Now, by accident, I found the CD-ROM and installed the game. I noticed that there are a lot of plugins available. I devided them into 3 cathegories: - Plugins you must need - Plugins you should need - Nice to haves I though it would be a good idea the create a list of plugins that are really interesting. Using those 3 cathegories. Also because it is difficult for a newcomer to know what are good plugins. Plugins you must need: - NAM - NAM essentials - NAM RHM Plugins you should need: - PEG Ponds - PEG CDK 3 - PEG CSK 2 - PEG MTP But that is all I know. There are still a lot of other cool plugins available, i'll sum up some. - walls, new trees, easy terraforming, mods on roads (trees, no sidewalk, etc), canals, trams, dirt roads, etc... grtz Erinhir