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  1. Gateshead Millennium Bridge

    Your textures on this are lacking, important part of SC4 models is getting those textures to look good.

    So this is one of those clean coal plants, huh? P.S. Love that you sorted out your dependency listing, though I will mention that I like to know things like lot size and in this case power output. . .
  3. Car Ferry Terminal

    Dude, this is one of those things you always needed but really don't realize you needed. Props for making it look good at Maxis scale.
  4. Huh, it's funny, but I had noticed this several years back, but had just assumed it was common knowledge. Good job 11241036 for noticing this, testing it, and getting the word out. And props to CorinaMarie for replicating his results to put it beyond question. Hopefully now this will be common knowledge.
  5. Maxisland or Timbuktu?

    In the original release of SC4, the region was named Maxisland and only included two tutorials. Rush hour renamed the region Timbuktu and added and changed some of the tutorials.
  6. Kensington Apartments

    Five star work as usual
  7. MGM Tower (Constellation Place)

    This looks like a warehouse model with bad textures slapped on in sketchup; which you admit it is. Honestly, this is a poor first showing by someone who has been around long enough to know better.
  8. ESP15 750 Seventh Avenue

    Textured box, looks even worse than your previous one, should have listened to good advice in it's review. Do you have a thread in Bat thread? If not, you should to help your models reach their top potential.
  9. Very Large Maps Mod

    This is no nuclear Starbucks, but greatest mod ever!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Crossing monorail and EL rail-over-avenue/road

    Isn't it impossible to have three transit types (i.e. road, el-rail, and monorail in this example) share a surface tile?
  11. Perhaps because I play the Mac version their is a difference here, but I have found that for growable lots this is not the case. Their is no negative effect on game play if you remove a grown lot from your city, and can be used to prevent weed lots from growing again. But, if the description file is removed, the lot becomes blank. This is partly because the game save file records lot textures and model placements, and so long as their is a sc4.desc file to reference, it will work. But! There is a catch. Certain data views , or changing to low quality for textures and props, will result in the textures disappearing for good, which makes it less than ideal tool to use. Plus, while I observed no issues arise from removing lots that had already grown, there is always the chance something will come up unexpectedly in the future.
  12. Jefferson St. Credit Union building

    Rather than upload a not finished product, why not start a thread in the forums and show pictures of your progress, ask for help, and get to a finished quality product uploaded rather than this?
  13. NFSU2 Bayview map BETA

    Rendered city tiles have been banned from the STEX for a variety of valid reasons. Not to mention that "works in progress" don't belong here, they belong in a showcase thread to get help on them, even if not illegal file type, this upload is poor.
  14. As it appears that what nekomaster wants to do is block all non-Euro tile set Maxis buildings (which begs the question why you don't just change the tilesets allowed in game. . .) from growing in his cities, it needs to be mentioned that blocking lots at the lot level may not be best due to how Maxis set up building families so that one lot can represent all four tile sets.
  15. Willmott Widget Assembly Remastered

    It's funny you mention the large empty space, because that is what I feel helps make this lot pop as believable! An excellent relot of Maxis content!