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  1. New Residents and New Jobs

    Now that I have started to build up the shoreline and how my city may be shaped, I need to start thinking about moving more Sims in and build more jobs into the area. So I have switched tactics to build industrial jobs into the area, and I've extended the size of the agricultural zones toward the center of the city. I have zoned an area so that some dirty industrial jobs may be created. In this picture, it's just before 8 o'clock while construction is just being finished in the new industrial park. Now that I have built a path for my citizen's to travel between their work and their homes, I have found that the traffic congestion has increased dangerously. About sixty cars pass on the road according to the data view. Soon I will need to start thinking about upgrading the street. Construction is finishing up on the newly founded Beach Street and Spring Street. Because of the new industry that has been zoned, new sims are flocking to grab the jobs while they can. Now that I am passing a new threshold, I will also need to start thinking about safety. I wouldn't be surprised if I start seeing red. I have upgraded the street to a road and built a business area for retail shops near the intersection to see if customer traffic makes up for the 90 cars that pass through the road at any given time. I also have seen a cliff appear in the upper left hand corner of this picture after paving the new road. I wish to see that cliff disappear over time. End of Year 01 Funds $72,977 Residential Population 348 Commercial Jobs 26 Industrial Jobs 360 --- Volume 1, Issue 4
  2. The City's Founding

    I have started off with pristine landscape, as cities aren't built overnight. I have chosen to build the county's seat of Schieffelin in the center of the city with a river joining the trading town to the farming community. With a cloud in the sky, I zoom in closer to build my first street. I have built the first city block with one business in order to start it small. I understand that even when starting small I still have the possibility of failure, but's the data that I gather about my city will help keep traffic moving so that I may be able be able to accommodate a larger highway shift the town's residents to a larger density and even allow for larger zones. This first block has only a windmill and a small business. But to the other half of the image shows that the farmland that is being built will help till some of the land to prepare for its future. In the end, I have two residential neighborhoods with 160 residents. Starting small may seem boring at first, but if the zones are built at a proper pace, then the city will become more populated with a better aesthetic appeal. --- End of Year 00 Funds: $85,258 Resident Population 160 Commercial Jobs 26 Industry Jobs 93 --- Volume 1, Issue 3
  3. Schieffelin

  4. Region Ready

    I've finished terraforming the region that I have drafted from scrap graph paper and I must admit: I'm not overly impressed. Yes, it's my region that I created, but it's as if it were too small. I knew it would be smaller than I imagined, but I guess that I haven't fully thought about it. Well. I will deal with it nonetheless. Here's my fully rendered region. I've rounded the mountains, and I have softened the coasts. The cape in the center could be quite an amazing property view. I haven't fully decided on what to do. To the west, the region will feature a mountainous farming and trading town. In the bay's inlet, large trading ports will be used to ship goods out. To the East, the larger metropolis should be developed. Complete with farming in mind, the shores will host to some of the more affluent homes on the water. The region has 4 large, 5 medium, and 3 small usable cities. Most of the cities will be built close to the water and could all link together. --- Volume 1, Issue 2
  5. Kathy Vale : Fitness Heaven

    I enjoy how you developed the Park Lane District to feature more rounded paths. It's a lot of the custom content that I need to get myself more involved in.
  6. Drafting Plans

    In the beginning, when I created Schieffelin County, I wanted to build something that similar to New York or San Francisco. I didn't like the idea of carving water from land, so I decided that land should arise from the waters below. So on a new slate, I drew plans for a vast bay filled with rivers leading to the mountains where the water is sourced. This city journal will be based off of the entire region, and multiple cities will be involved. This why I have entitled my design as Schieffelin County Life, as if it were a regional magazine. I drew my plans on a piece of graph paper to a certain scale. I've uploaded a scan of it below. In the picture, I've created mountains the Northwest and Northeast, with three rivers flowing between four peninsulas of land. The lower half of the region will be called Schieffelin Bay. I haven't decided on other names yet, but I'm open to some suggestions. I haven't made any plans to decide how large I want each city to be. The boundaries between mountains, rough plains, and rivers are all not yet set in stone. I do know that in the past, I couldn't change the city sizes in the terraformer after saving it. --- Volume 1, Issue 1
  7. Returning

    Thank you for your response. I have been able to find the Terraformer so that I can start creating my own custom content. For whatever reason, I have always downloads a lot of maps but I have never been able to build cities on all of those regions. I favor regions with ports, and regions like San Francisco Seattle or New York. But I've found out that if I download those accurate scale maps, or even maps of real world landscapes, then I have an obligation to build a region as lifelike to the real city. But, then again, it is your region and whatever way that one wishes to design a city is theirs. I will finish terraforming my region soon, but I will then need to find the Lot Editor and the Building Architect Tool. I have done some sample batting, but I'm not very good at it. None of the structures that I have ever built made it into my cities nor the STEX.
  8. Returning

    What has happened to the community of Simtropolis? I've been playing for many years but I've never been able to properly introduce myself, but when I come back to see what I have missed I'm astonished, it seems to have been quiet. I'm making my return, so I hope to upload some SimCity 4 content, but I don't know any timeframes.
  9. Just became a junior on Simtropolis

    Well. I guess after 8 or more years of being on this forum, and playing here and there, I might as well say that I've lost count on the posts that I didn't contribute to the forum.