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  1. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    The one 2 posts above you works fine...
  2. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi, I'm Wouter Geelen, from the Netherlands, yesterday I discovered a topic in a forum off a great dutch community where they were talking about SimCity 4, I saw that there were plugins for Sim City 4 which I NEVER knew that there were any xD so well today I got linked to this community webpage, I've already seen some really amazing city's which I rather call real city's because they are so nice. Well anyway I played Sim City 4 already in the beginning when it was out, but as I already said I never knew that there were plugins . Well something about myself... I study mechatronics at Fontys school of High Education. Well hmm I work in a medical organisation in the food sector. I played Roller Coaster Tycoon 1,2 and 3 so I'm quiet familiar with building stuff etc , also I play stragitic games like now C&C3 and Supreme Commander... Any question to me? Use the PM function Regards, Wouser PS: Sorry for my bad English