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  1. Tower Life Building

    absolutely breathtaking, in my skyline!
  2. Toyota Center

    beautiful, heart of my city!
  3. Warsaw Ossolinskich 8

    you're amazing! your detail brings a new face to my downtown, thanks!
  4. Griffin Building

    looks great, there must be dependencies, because in my game I have a massive box. nice design, good information.
  5. CS16x6Lowes Knows

    looks great, only thing is the too blue gate things..
  6. SmalltownUSA Fire Station No 2

    perfect for the neighborhood! thanks!
  7. Boxes and Landscape?

    that simple. ok great! thanks!
  8. Jargeah

    not sure if anyone noticed the beaches in the past following pics, he gets it so perfect. You're the best simcity content creator ive seen so far. 10/10 marvelous.
  9. Boxes and Landscape?

    Hi there, Recently I have downloaded several new buildings to add to my simcity 4 game. It's odd though because either they show up as a 'box' or the show up as props only...anyone have an idea of what is occuring here? thanks!
  10. HK JW Marriott Hotel

    your work continues to amaze me, keep it up!
  11. HK Conrad International Hotel

    something very different, the landscape goes with the building style, wonderful! great asset to beach city skyline. 10/10!
  12. St Paul MN Landmark Center

    so detailed, great effort 9/10
  13. Sharrnia Mansion

    very nice, only one negative....the roof all the same color would be great addition, great work!
  14. Nexis Slayer Mansion

    build more of these!!
  15. Ultimate Mayors Mansion

    looks good, the ponds a bit much I think..