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  1. HK Bank of China Tower

    Its reflections are more beautiful than any others. =']] ....10/10
  2. Garbage Disposal Center

  3. Hong Kong AIG Tower

    Its just Beautiful! 10/10...
  4. Mifflin Valley

    Aw man! I thought it said Muffin valley! And I still can't get the snow caps to work! Darn!
  5. NHP Mount Rainier by beskhu3epnm

    Beautiful!! Btw, what is the snowcap level on this map?
  6. N666 Small Menacing Sign

    Ha ha! I like it! Hell!! I like how you think man!!
  7. Pungo

    Hmm, I downloaded the Columbus terrain mod and the snow caps still didn't work. Do you have any Idea how to get them to work?
  8. Crowne Apartments

    Ops, forgot to Rate! 10/10
  9. Crowne Apartments

    I Missed these old Buildings. Can't wait till you make more. =D
  10. Clock symbol monument

    Amazing! Very Sad looking though. Something you would see in a poor area of a city.
  11. Concrete suburb apartment 01

    Its so, miserable! I love it!
  12. Pungo

    Just asking, but where did you get that snow caps at. I see it a lot and been wondering what it is.
  13. Rayden Nuclear Power Plant

    Amazing Nuclear Plant, but there is one problem, the ground texture wont show up, all the roads did, but the grass and the rail road didn't. Where can I get this texture?
  14. How do you download regions without useing the SC4 terraformer? That program always seays Derect X cannot be loaded. Dose anyone know of any regeons i that you just download and open up in the game?
  15. Ostrogski Palace Fryderyk Chopin Museum

    Ya, Frederic Chopin Rocks!!