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  1. Proper terrain flattening

    Originally posted by: northsider1983 Are you talking about the four tiles directly above the tunnel entrance? I am not sure if you can flatten those properly. In any case, I have never been able to place a road on those tiles, it just won't let me.quote> Yeah those ones. But i've seen it done, that's the thing! And to be able to do it myself would be wonderful for my city.
  2. Proper terrain flattening

    Yeah already got that. The exact issue is when you create a tunnel, the four tiles directly behind (in a line) are not properly flat, and neither can I for some reason, even though someone else can
  3. Proper terrain flattening

    After getting someone to do a quick tutorial on another site, I'm still having issues. They can't understand it either. I'm creating a sunken highway, which disappears under a section of the city in several places. To increase the room for the highway and it's exits, I am desperately wanting the tunnel entrance to be able to have an avenue right next to it. Like so: However, to successfully flatten the area the recommended method is this: It uses oppies ploppable water from his canal set, though I am achieving similar flattening results from other lots and zones to flatten the tiles behind the tunnel entrance, I simply cannot achieve the results the person helping me is getting. It's just not flattening it enough to allow a road to be placed right up against the tunnel entrance as seen in the first pic. They are getting it fully working, not just eye candy. What could be the issue, and how can I get it working?