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  1. Toyota dealership and automata

    Very cool! Thanks for the good work!
  2. Casino Club

    Very nice!
  3. Lighthouse Tower Dubai

    Hrm, I just tested this in my game, and when I drop the two ploppable versions, I don't see the job stat working as advertised (it's listed in the property dialog as 0/0 for both versions).. Does anyone else have the same issue?
  4. Krakowska Szkola Wyzsza

    very nice, something different for sure! appreciate the good work
  5. HK Tin King Estate

    as usual, high quality stuff
  6. Griskeby Konditori

    looks pretty nice, definitely adds a bit of variety to blocky houses/office rows
  7. PEG CDK3 Fishery

    very cool, adds more variety to the game!
  8. Hospitals Pack

    seems very interesting! good job!
  9. Bixels Gobal Telecom

    very nice, appreciate the work!
  10. LG Electronics

    looks very good, thanks for the good work!