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  1. NHP Atlantic City By blade2k5

    I never knew Atlantic City looked so nice! Awesome Blade!
  2. NHP Map Catalog

    Wow Blade!!! That looks awesome! Do you have any Canadian maps ready that you might release ? Thank you for all your time and effort you have put in to your maps.
  3. NHP New Orleans By blade2k5

    Ok thats why i knew i seen them before. All of your maps are awesome and have inspired me to start making maps of my own. Maybe one day I could send you a map I am working on to get you to touch it up. ;-) If thats ok with you.
  4. NHP New Orleans By blade2k5

    THANK YOU!! The old one on here just wasn't cutting it for me. Thank you Blade and Thank you Heblem. I thought you or someone from NHP already did Baton Rouge & Lake Charles.
  5. The guy was asking the community for some help to find that file. So I did some searching and I think I found it. Let me know if its the wrong one. www.yuhisa.com/cgi/c-board/c-board.cgi

    I was thinking the same thing, Evillions. lol Bixel you keep out doing yourself. Keep up the great work!
  7. Golden Dragon Industrial Center (GDIC)

    A stage 8 industrial building? Won't it be a Cam building then? ;-) Very nice!!!!
  8. Paeng's Yellow Garden

    Very Cool!!!
  9. Plugin Pack Number

    I'll give it a try.
  10. Plugin Pack Number

    I use Peg's flag replacement for the brown boxes and I didn't see any empty lots with a flag anywhere. I have 2.38 gig in my plugin folder and most of it is datpacked.
  11. Plugin Pack Number

    Well the weird thing is that I got that message on a newer undeveloped city. I have places all my zones and roads and highways then exited that city to goto my other city, then went back to the undeveloped to let it grow then that message popped up right away. The game says my older city has two missing plugins and the newer one only has one missing. I wonder what could be missing? Or could it be double plugin files conflicting each other causing this to happen?
  12. Plugin Pack Number

    I too am getting this message for two of my cities. The last thing I removed from the program plugin file was the default background and replaced it with Ennedi's night background. Could the game be searching for the old files?
  13. Canterra Tower

    You do some awesome buildings , Scotty!!! Thank you for the great stuff. Two questions, what is that star thing in the background of this pic and did you ever consider asking if someone could CAM your buildings? 5/5 Me likes! ;-)
  14. HK Sky Tower Part 1

    You rock!!!!!