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  1. Sim city 2013 will support mods. just not at launch

    I'm not sure Maxis has guaranteed any kind of mod support, if you read this article carefully it only states that: 1. "Maxis will not launch the new SimCity in 2013 with mod support" 2. That "it's not entirely off the table" and that the "ability to support mods is already built into GlassBox"; and 3. That "there's potential for mod support down the road" In other words, all that Maxis guarantees is that there will be NO Mod support at launch and that they may potentially provide support for mods sometime in the future since that ability is built in to Glassbox. Given the cloud nature of the application, I can't see how they could support any substantive mod support in the future - Where do you store the data for your mod? How can a mod really modify gameplay when each player is so reliant on other player's behaviors within the cloud (I think this question has already been posited).