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  1. Tried that. Rezoning, bulldozing, and rebuilding roads made no difference. I have already tried new cities and regions, both in regular and sandbox modes. BR
  2. I don't have any mods in the game. I don't even have any houses or construction.
  3. I am a long time SimCity player but I am brand new to SimCity 2013 (Mac OSX 10.9). I cannot get ANY residents in my new city that I created. I followed the video tutorials on YouTube but not one single Sim comes to my city. I have waited for several SimCity days and NOTHING. The alerts keep telling me to add residential zones near roads, but they are already there. Here is what I have done: 1. Connected road to main highway. 2. Branched streets off of new road. 3. Designated residential zones for at least three blocks. (Expanded the roads and zones for a larger area but it had no effect.) 4. Designated commercial zones for one block. 5. Designated industrial zones for one block. 6. Plopped a water tower 7. Plopped a coal power plant on a street (Status: Closed, Now Hiring) 8. Plopped a sewer station on a street. I have tried this in two cities in my region and even started a new game in a different region. I still have the same issue. Also, I do not see ANY cars on the main highway. I have my game set to private. What am I doing wrong? HELP!!!! BR