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  1. Placing buildings

    Im new to playing sim cities societies Am playing the tutorial find it very difficult to move the mouse smoothly so it places building on the highlighted area it doesn't move smoothly and tends to jerk so it overshoots the target does any one else have this problem and is there an adjustment that can be made
  2. Saving Cities and bigger Cities

    thanks peeps, all good tips
  3. Saving Cities and bigger Cities

    thanks peeps, all good tips
  4. I've been playing Sim City for a long time but find it difficult to get used to SC4 Couple of questions Is there any way to save Cities. So if I want to revert to an earlier version I can. Copies you can copies Cities to a different part of the Map When people talk about City sizes - what is a medium city and is there any way to make a city bigger before you start terraforming Report this to a Moderator Reply : Quote : Top : Bottom : Edit : Delete
  5. Questions

    I have not had a computer for a while because of very young children but rather like Rip Van Winkle I have returned to Sim City. Hi folks The last version I played for sure was Sim City 2000 so I am rusty and a bit confused by all the options it took me ages to find the Deluxe version ( I got a version of Sim City 4 without rush hour a while back but it is now in the shops) difficulties - need help - does this version have an altitude indicator - or some other way of levelling slopes - theres lots of rolling land in this version - having trouble placing seaports. cant get them to go blue - despite lowering the beach to just above sea level and levelling the area - can we swap cities in Sim 4 - can't save different versions of the same city - don't have a "save as" function ? - powerstations - used to have time left - how do you know when to replace them any help - grateful