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  1. Demo version released ~ For all those that can't wait

    Things don't look so bright for CitiesXL. There is an ever growing sense of animosity between the beta testers and MC. With details being released about the game versions and what will not be included in the single player version of the game (like mass transit), and what will only be available in the online content, people are already beginning to feel ripped off, and the game is not even on sale yet. Watch this space, CitiesXL might very well be in the running for the worst game release of 2009.
  2. Downloaded the demo but cannot play

    The demo planet Atlas is online, and people have already created some 5550 cities (4450 free at time of writing). Maybe the demo access is limited geographicaly. I'm in the UK and can play the demo fine.
  3. Will there be a Cities XL Forum?

    Or keeping bad publicity off their site. It's easier to ignore people if they are not posting directly on your own forums (not that it will work).
  4. Windows 7

    Ive been running it on x64 7264 and have not had a single crash apart from the occasional lockup after returning to planet mode. Though that itself doesn't seem to be so much of an issue after the 211 patch.
  5. Imageshack hacked?

    Originally posted by: Shingure I think that some of these websites should have defense systems that if hacked, they can shut the hosting computer down and a bunch of other things that would cause the hacker to be discouraged. This alone can allow some of these hackers to not be able to transmit more of them seeing as the computer is fried. .quote> Are you suggesting that every pc should have some sort of mechanism that would allow a remote system to infiltrate another with the intent of causing permanent damage? If so then I pity you, I really do. You assume that such systems would be infallible, and no doubt should someone manage to fry yours you would suddenly realize the utter stupidity of your idea. The fact you'd be willing to give up such personal securities (and privacy) due to such a minor and rather unimportant inconvenience , well, says it all really.
  6. installing rush hour on vista

    I had this problem a couple of years ago, but on XP. I solved it simply by ripping the contents of the affected cd, deleting the affected file then copying another file and renaming it to that of the corrupt file. Once the altered disc had been burned it installed and has worked fine ever since (on xp, Vista and Win7). That may not be true in this instance though depending on which file it is having trouble with, so it's best to maybe compile the new disc to a disc image and mount it to see if it installs and works before burning it. Your only other alternatives is to other buy a new copy or "source" one from the interwebz. You might also want to check that its not just a dirty cd.
  7. Spores revolutionary code...

    Whatever code they may have been using a couple of years ago probably was revolutionary, then. I see nothing spectacular about the graphics or physics in Spore. In fact some other recent games excel in those respects, but at the expense of file size and hardware requirements. Spore is quite small in comparison, weighting in at what? Around the dvd5 mark? And that shows in the meat and bones of the game. It looks pretty, if you like Hello Kitty, but lacks in substance. I dont honestly think its possible with any code on any engine to get a well made game with a proper sandbox world with bleeding edge graphics and physics without paying with both storage space and hardware specs. Somehow I dont see the engine Spore uses as being at the forefront of future game developement. I can however see the technology used in cheap stack'em'high sell'em'cheap type games but in terms of real gaming a real engine like Unreal or the Ego engine is where it's at.
  8. Spore

    A bit stupid. Why download the warez copy and risk legal action when all they need do is grab a fixed exe from one of the well known game burning/copying outlets? DRM aside, Spore is a terrible game. For years we've seen demonstration after demonstration about the game, and alot of the hype and anticipation for the game was generatated largely from those. Unfortuanately what appeared was a watered down, tedious, over simplified pile of crap reminicent of a bargain bucket Disney title. The blood, gone. The comical humping, gone. The underwater stage, gone. The ability to have underwater cities, gone. The first stage is boring and repetative. the 2nd stage is boring and repetative. The civ stage is like some retarded wannabe RTS only it fails on an epic scale at being anywhere near as interesting as even the most uninteresting RTS, is boring and repetative. And the space stage? Thats the biggest yet worst of them all. Do yourself a favour, when and if you ever reach the space stage, call it a day. Its like playing Command and Conquer with 1 tank to defend all your bases against a miriad of enemies that just dont like you. And if you do manage to survive a few days and still have any interest in the game at all, the Grox are sure to kill off any last hope you had of conquering the galaxy. Its looking to be perhaps the most pirated game ever, mostly spurred on by the constant rantings about DRM, but at least those who downloaded it illegaly wont be sorely dissapointed by realising they were just ripped off yet again. Personaly I expected more from a Maxis title. Next time Will, dont bother.
  9. Bugs

    Game was crashing at random requiring atl-tab and shutting it down from task manager. No error code. Updating to 1.1 caused the game to fail on the loading screen requiring a hard reset to get back to windows. Running the game in windowed mode to avoid having to hard reset at least only resulted in a 'Sim City Societies has encountered an error and has had to close' error. Factor in the rather watered down game play and I wonder if perhaps the game is doing me a favour. If you're thinking about buying it, dont. Donate some cash to Simtroplis instead and get the Stex discs for SC4. Guess I'll go waste some time playing Pro Street. Edit:: specs Athlon 64 3700+ @2.63, 1gb dual channel OCZ Ultra, GeForce 7300 256mb (+256 turbo cache), 2x120gb SATA RAID 0