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  1. I like building all my rewards as they come to me, but haven't yet figured out what exactly to do with the Bureau of Bureaucracy. It is so stupidly large that it dwarfs city halls and makes a mockery of everything that surrounds it. Anyone find an aesthetically-acceptable use for this thing, or a good-looking replacement? I'm trying to plan my administratum district, and it's a complete sore thumb.
  2. Modifcation Override Priority

    Thank you - that is very helpful.
  3. Let's say I have two mods that modify the same building. Naturally they will conflict. But at least one of them should have an effect on the game, right? Which one will come out on top? For example, if you have a mod that makes Disease Research Center radiation-free, and another mod that makes Disease Research Center give 1000000 jobs instead of whatever it normally gives, how does the game decide which mod has priority? Is it by "last modified" datestamp or something else? Answers appreciated.
  4. Indeed, I know they separated out some additional stuff, and that's not a problem - yet... Thing is, sadly, I'm missing the main part of NAM it seems - all the extra road pieces, diagonal streets and such, which - I am quite sure - I've selected during installation. Should I try reinstalling it once more? Are there any conflicting plugins (outside of the usual suspects - other traffic addons and fixes, which I do not have) that conflict with NAM and cause it to become disabled?
  5. Nothing out of ordinary really. I downloaded and installed it as prescribed. Used Radical Custom Special to improve road capacity, that's about it...
  6. I recently reinstalled SC4 Rush Hour and downloaded and installed the latest NAM version. Problem is, I cannot for the life of me find the puzzle pieces that make up NAM anywhere! When I had the previous NAM version installed, I think they showed up under the roads menu; now I can't see them anywhere. Any idea what would cause this? I did all "due diligence" I could think of, and help would be mighty appreciated.
  7. "Optimal" lot sizes

    Thank you very much! This helps a lot.
  8. "Optimal" lot sizes

    Just curious: what is the optimal lot size for each zone type tin this game? By accident I found that medium industry loves 7x7 for some reason. As long as there is demand, every tile gets filled in a hurry. I'm trying to plan the heart of my city, which will grow from a small town to a sprawling metropolis, and would like to lay down a good-looking grid from the get go so I don't have to demolish and re-demolish established neighbourhoods. I know that SC4 is much more tolerant to "odd" lot shapes and sizes, but there's gotta be something that's definitely better for eventually growing a good-looking high-rise downtown. Suggestions appreciated!