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  1. SCAG Cargo Lots v1.0

    Thanks for changing the links to the missing depends.
  2. SCAG Cargo Lots v1.0

    Sorry but the last 3 depends nr 11,12 and 13 point to the same page as the cargo-lots. So how do you get these depends?
  3. Modular Cotton Warehouses

    Where to find BSC Megaprops 02 ?
  4. Woods Set

  5. Riverbed and Beach

  6. FrankU Dutch Marina Reward

    FrankU   A very nice lot, but would it be possible to cut the second lot into 2 pieces?   I mean if you have a left and right corner with a walking path you could put it aside of the first lot to expand it.   It's just a suggestion.
  7. Extra Lifters

    Very nice, but can you make a hole-digger for 52 meters for making straight coast-lines, because the other hole-diggers don't go deeper then 26 meters. If I use a hole-digger at 26 meters I have to draw this 2 times along the coast-line to get a deeper sea-water. If you can make a hole-digger for 52 meters I only have to draw it once to get a deeper sea.
  8. Riverbed and Beach

    Very nice.
  9. RFR Deers and Wild Boars

    Very nice Thanks a lot.
  10. Modular Oil Port

    Great contribution, thanks.
  11. NAM Smooth Curve Euro Road Texture

    mpol It's very easy, just select one of the puzzle-pieces for roads or avenues and then start cycling (Tab) and suddenly you see a curved piece of 45 90 degrees.