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  1. SAM Street Addon Mod version 3

    frgot to rate 10/10 awesome soooo useful
  2. SAM Street Addon Mod version 3

    **evil laugh** eeeeexcelleeent
  3. Curved roads & railroads: how?

    Um... I need a little more advanced version of road [building], and definitely more railroad flexibility. Any NAM people, i have more questions as well/
  4. Chapapotex oil rig

    COOL!!! FinallyadecentoilrigIhavebeenlookingforoneforagesandIfinallyfoundit!!
  5. Renfe Mikado

    It honestly looks terrible with the maxis cars. I want a new set of cars from someone.
  6. Wrecked Ships

    for once, the fact that it stays level with the bottom and not the water's surface (where i almost ALWAYS want stuff on water) is for the better!!!!!! no i dont care if that is incoherent
  7. NDEX ITS Oil Well

    Nice. Useful. I'll do something with it... What more can I say?
  8. bike station

    He has put in a picture in you nuts up there!!!!! By the way, this is just what i needed today!
  9. S4 Houses in China

    Sunrise7 is right!
  10. BlaM HIDP Prop pack 1

    EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D> **drooling in awe** However, it has a smaaaall bug. WHAT ARE THE PROP NAMES?!?!?!?!?!?! I CANT FIND THEM IN THE MENU
  11. NYC MTA Bus

    Its better that it doesnt replace the standard buses!
  12. Nissan 350z automata driveable

  13. Honda Accord Automata

    Neato! Mabye next time a Ferrari 360 Limo!?
  14. Acura RSX Automata and family props

    I LOVE YOUR ZILLIONS OF AUTOMATA & PROPS!!!!!!!!!!! And may I suggest soon making a Ferrari 360 Limo.
  15. Ankaro