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  1. Unlocking State Fair Reward

    if you route query one, there should be much more than 2 workers. big farms can have over a hundred workers. the regular query only tells you that there are 2 jobs. really weird, i know. if you don't know how to apply the route query, press alt+/ and use it just like the regular query, only it gives you info on commutes.
  2. Unlocking State Fair Reward

    @Tysons4 :i get the state farm in about every city i make (except the ones w/out farms) @jwychau :Tysons4 is right, 5000 farm jobs. Just zone a lot of farms lots in your city. then zone a big residential zone somewhere (i usually zone one big enough for a medical clinic). connect them both with roads and give em power and the rewards will come! if not, zone more farms and/or residential. if your sims complain about jobs zone some industrial. good luck!
  3. Problem about Farm textures

    The 2nd one for sure! And you say its unfixable? Well that's a bummer! I'll just have to deal with it then Thanx
  4. commercial demand?

    Parks are great, City Ordinances such as the Tourism Promotion Act can help, low pollution and garbage or placed far enough away particularly for the $$$ demand It just seems when i play i generate a HUGE $ and $$ residential demand and the commercial demand gets up there also, so maybe zone more residential (?seems to work for me?).
  5. It seems that when i exit a city with a large agriculture back to the region and return, some farm textures turn white (???). Is there a mod or an update that can fix this, or can any1 make one for me? that will be most appreciated! At first I would save and exit then return and it would fix itself, but now it drives me nuts, especially now that I have an ever growing region. Also I run SC4 deluxe on Mac
  6. Commute only by airports?

    Using the Route Query Tool it only mentions Workers that commute to the airports I have for work; it does not mention Commuters. Shorter Version: Yes, I agree
  7. Commute only by airports?

    Seaports move goods that your industries make (Industrial Boost) and airports (I'm guessing) allow businessmen to travel (Commercial Boost). Sooooo yes they help make big cities bigger. And sorry I'm no PC guy, so I can't help you there. Know nothing 'bout computers plus I play SC4 on my Mac
  8. Commute only by airports?

    Im not too sure but in my game experience airports add boost to commercial. I believe that sims can't travel via the airports, at least i've never seen it and i have rushhour. Try connecting the cities via a road.