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  1. Show off your cities! (Screen Shots)

    HI everyone! Me again... Few days ago I posted some pictures from my new city. City was at begining of development. Unfortunately, I dont know how, but I cant open that city in CXL anymore. Game just crashes..... However, I started a new city, on London map. Here are some pics. INTERCHANGES TRAFFIC MAP
  2. Show off your cities! (Screen Shots)

    Hi. There are some pictures from my new city. NOTE: Photos are restricted to no wider than 800 px. and no taller than 600 px. I've resized all of these photos for you, and linked them to their full-sizes. To resize pictures while posting to ST, simply click the "Insert/Edit Image" option while replying to a message (it's the little yellow icon with the mountain and the sun). Paste the base image url (with no tags) on the proper line, and resize as necessary. - Mas
  3. What you HATE about SC4...

    You can simply resolve that problem. Just copy your favourite music in game folder (RADIO). You should remove old music and rename your new.