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  1. Graphic bug !?

    Well, I don't know how much exactly of the thread you could actually follow, as it has been confirmed by several people that the Firefox parser sees the first few replies as HTML comments and doesn't display them, accordingly; so to sum up the problem again: This is not about cars not appearing at all. Rather, it's about the automata being rendered only partially, some parts of them becoming transluscent and flickering. Furthermore, as it turned out, we all ran into the same kind of problem when falling back into sofware mode, where scrolling would create massive tearing / artifacts, so that we couldn't play neither in hardware nor in software rendering mode. The poster who wrote the second reply (as explained above, not visibile in all browsers atm) suggested in another thread that installing the current DirectX redistributable solved his problem, but I couldn't confirm this solution.
  2. Graphic bug !?

    Same thing for me, it seems. In hardware mode, I'm having semi-transluscent automata. I was more than ready to compromise and switch to software, but as it turns out, software mode gives me excessive artifacts / tearing when scrolling. Here's my specs: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 nVidia 9600M GS (Driver ver. 195.62) Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 Could this be an nVidia thing? I find it kind of puzzling that software mode is not an alternative. I've come across lots of discussions about problems with ATI, but appearantly in these cases people could still fall back into software mode and live with it. As it turns out, Wyseman76 reports in another thread ( http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=24&threadid=111821 ) that installing the current DirectX redistributable solved his problems, but unfortunately I can't confirm this -- at least it didn't make a difference for me. Neither did running SC4 in Windows compatibility mode or setting core affinity. Anyone having similar problems, too? Any thoughts? It's a pity, would have loved playing a bit of SC4 again..