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  1. How many outcomes are possible?

    A googolplex also cannot be written out using the entire sum of all matter in the universe.
  2. The Greater Terran Region

    The road bridge in the 2nd to last pic makes a really cool effect.
  3. MP Budget Inn Hotel

    Unique use ans has effort in it. Instant 11/10
  4. Dufour University

    Revisit the textures and you'll have a staple of any good city. WORK ON THOSE TEXTURES!
  5. The Bomb

    First BAT and first upload should not be one and the same. For obvious reasons.
  6. NDEX ITS 99 Bishopsgate

    Good nightlight... The walls are a bit below your standard. Good shape but I'm not sold. 6.5/9.8
  7. Provide a link to the lifter lots and the NAM. Otherwise, good tutorial. I prefer different techniques myself but the end result is pretty similar. EDIT: Did you just add the links? I swear they weren't there before.
  8. AK's Bizarre Urban Menagerie

    Your speed at which you build is incredible... Shame I didn't have the foresight, like you did, to organize my plug-ins to make all the growables easier to get built. And I noticed you said you were going to have a rural update... LIES! Anyway I'm glad you didn't, your rural work seems unrealistic to me (At least, it doesn't match up with my perception of what rural areas look like). Just curious... how many completed cities do you have anyway? EDIT: That last city seems a bit below the bar... It lacked the dimension and depth you usually are excellent at creating. The Downtown area was pretty good, but the rest looked dead almost.
  9. Loading Text Mod

    Reticulating Splines! SC2k memories. Ahh good times. 10/10 I'll download when I can.
  10. Creationism vs. Evolution

    Personally I prefer what has been proven. I don't think I need to clarify what exactly that is.
  11. Nexis Emergency Diesel Power

    oooo 10, I love this
  12. Why did Maxis abandon SC?

    EAs fault... not MAXIS.
  13. Mock Town (or city)

    The road and driveways are custom textures, Heblem is making these on big lots. There aren't any actual streets. It's a model.
  14. The Simtropolis City Journal Hall of Fame

    Oh yes collgab, Olympia was amazing. Though the pics are gone... AK's STEX tribute CJ has probably been nominated, certainly deserves a spot.
  15. Curved Bridges

    Originally posted by: haljackey a pipe dreamquote> A curved pipe