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  1. Now THIS is strange

    Actually I just found out something in my mass bulldozing spree. After narrowing it down, it seems that this... er... "glitch" is caused solely by the DISEASE RESEARCH CENTER. Still, why would it do something like that? It makes no sense.<br /><br />EDIT: I went back and ran a few more trials and this time, I used de-zone instead of bulldoze on a large sector of the city and I got the same result, that being the Resident Average Income doubling back to normal ALTHOUGH if my memory serves me correct, I did NOT drastically reduce my city size when I bulldozed my Disease Research Center when I first got the results. I think this could mean one of two things:<br /><br />1. The Resident Average Income simply spikes down when the city reaches above a certain size.<br /><br />-or-<br /><br />2. The above only applies in the presence of a Disease Research Center.<br /><br />But I'm still at a loss of why something like this should happen in the first place.
  2. Now, I must say, this is one of the strangest problems I've ever seen with this game, and was wondering if someone could explain it to me:<br /><br /><br /><br />As you can see from the picture, the city's Resident Average Income suddenly dropped by HALF. Yes, that was instantaneous, although I didn't notice immeditately. Does anyone know of a possible trigger or glitch that causes this? I can understand a gradual decline but my guess is that this instant drop in RAI is caused by some type of regional play bug (I have a total of 5 cities in the region: 4 cities and 1 utility city.<br /><br />My problem with this incident is that at one point I started noticing a massive depreciation in commercial demand, and quite a large amount of abandoned Co$$$ buildings, so that probably had something to do with it as well. That persists to be the main problem (or so it seems) as well, since that the Resident Average Income seems to be causing a stagnant economy, and either a part of my city has no job, or my commercial demand (almost all) are usually in the negative, and the large number of abandoned Co$$$ aren't being reoccupied.<br /><br />Anyone got a clue of what may have happened? Even if I did bulldoze a mass of... anything, which I didn't, the chart should still have been an gradual decline. Image size changed to conform to board reqirements 800 x 600 max. NOB