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  1. SMP Ice Train Modd HSRP Rail

    Thnx mjig_dudy! Didn't expect that... :)
  2. SMP Ice Train Modd HSRP Rail

    Nice! Just one question, though it's a bit off-topic... On the upper-left corner I see a picture of a very smooth rail curve. Does anyone have a clue on where to get a mod for this? I've been looking for something like that on the STEX and other places on the net for ages...! :)
  3. BLaM Jamison Galvanization Chain

    Although the idea is great and I like large industrial buildings a lot, this complex is - just like the steel works - a bit too red for me to be realistic...
  4. DEDWD Sunken Plazas Tree Plaza

    Thanks for the corrections! Did I mention already how great this Sunken Tree Plaza is? :)
  5. DEDWD Sunken Plazas Tree Plaza

    * wipes of sweaty forehead * I thought this was occuring in my game only, but I'm "glad" to hear that other people are experiencing the same thing...
  6. DEDWD Sunken Plazas Tree Plaza

    Really nice, good work! But one problem... Although I also downloaded the Sunken Mall Set (which work fine), with this Sunken Tree Plaza the plaza itself and the trees don't show up! I only see blank plaza lots (nothing sunken), so maybe I've discovered a dependency..?
  7. Olavinlinna Castle

    This is outstanding work! Glad I've came across this!
  8. Fender Guitar Megastore

    It's not that mega is it?