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  1. PEG OWW2 Food Court

    I think the zip file isn't working.... it's only showing 250+kb, and I know the OWW files are normally a meg or more
  2. Family Vision Centre

    Wow... I can now have my former eye doctor in my cities! Fantastic. (yes, I used to live in the area for a long time).
  3. KSM Tower

    Good job
  4. BLaM Hassan II Mosque

    Wow... I need a mosque for my cities. Great job.
  5. small stores

    Not bad, but I'd like to see jobs for them
  6. HK One Pacific Place

  7. Watsons Paintball

    I like that idea... surprised no-one thought of it before
  8. Peace Tower

    Wow... nice.
  9. Jing Guang Center v2

    Very nice
  10. Marrast Underwater Cable Kit

    Ok, that's just cool. 9 / 10
  11. Hasegawe Dealership

    Nice... course as I can't bat anything is better than what I could make. :)
  12. The Greek Church

    Whoops... forgot to rate it
  13. The Greek Church

    Excellent... another church for the region