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  1. That review is so full of errors that i don't know where to start. His city layout in the screenshot cracked me up, he built the city with mainly avenues, and left enough room between the roads for 1 trailer each, and uses that as an example to complain about cramped space? Sometimes these so called "journalists" dont even know how to properly play the games they review.. The stuff about DRM is spot on though, obviously. The problem is, it's a great Maxis game wrapped in an EA wrapper that erodes the core game due to EA's flaws. But the score was unfair. It is definetly imo the best Sim City yet, no question about it. It's more complex than SC4 in the pure gameplay and simulation mechanics. I understand such a score due to how broken the SERVERS are, how even gameplay featuers that rely on the servers, in turn become broken as well. But it's not the game itself that deserves a 5/10, it's the EA SERVERS that deserve a 1/10 for breaking an otherwise great game. Then again, i stopped listening to Gamespot reviews when they gave Spore a 8/10.
  2. Uniform Street Lighting Mod

    I LOVE this mod, but i do not like the fact that with SimFox Day & Nite mod the street lights / lightcones are darkened along with the rest of the city.. Is this intended or did i mess up the installation somehow? I mean, surely it is intended that the street lights remain brilliant and beautiful, as opposed to darkened to the point of being hard to see?
  3. SimFox Day and Nite Modd

    I wish i could use this with the USL mod, but this one seems to also darken the lights from that mod. I want the darkness of this mod, but retaining the brilliant road & lightpost lights from the USL mod. How wonderful it would be to have the city at night from this mod but also the bright road lights from USL.. Any ideas?
  4. Slowly but surely building my organic city, crafting plazas, roads, zones how i like them aesthetically. I have as few as 2 contracts my city depends on, 15 food and 5 water from my neighbour city, each for 100 credits. Practically free. Bought another month of planet offer, then what happens? After building a new industrial center and needing some more executives, i eraze two blocks (no more than 15 houses in total) of Medium density, and build high density instead. Before i even click to place those high density, i soar from 20k income to -98k. . My city is now dead, no hope of recovery. Still -80k income. And even though i friggin own and built the companion city which supplied the food and water, this game wont allow you to simply give away resources, oh no. So im screwed while im in negative income, which again is screwing me. What could i possibly do? Delete the megastructures in progress + delete every leasure + delete all police stations and schools? Why am i paying for this? I just spent half a month building this city and my companion cities, and its all for nothing, and i pay per month as well. Ridiculous. First of all, erasing 15 medium density houses could in no way drop me down 120.000 credits of income. Secondly, even after using ALL my funds to build executive zones like nuts (which are ALL employed), im still -80k, so obviously it wasnt an issue with some industries loosing their executives (in 20 seconds, it shouldnt have an effect anyway). Good thing the star trek online beta is coming next week, because this piece of unfair sure aint getting my money anymore. And the beautiful part, no official forum to about in. Watch your language.