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  1. The great story of partropolis

    Hi. This is the place where you come to read and add to the story of partropolis. Feel free to add to the story. Chapter 1: A great city of paradise The great sun has risen over the great city of partropolis. Everyone got in there teleporters and teleported to work. This is a very High-Tech city. Everyone was happy until the great UFOs of the planet X came... Now add to the story. Every post has to be a new chapter. Now make chapter 2. You can call it anything you wan't.
  2. The ultimate simcity4 quiz show

    All right Heres how you play.I will post a question and the people that answer it right will go to the next part.This quiz will go untill 1 is left and that 1 will win the quiz. It starts off easy and gradually gets harder and harder.If you get a question right then I will PM you.If you try to answer twice then I will count your first answer as your answer. anyway the question is whats forum that has the most topics. Winners go to round 2. You may only post once per round(if you make it)and that post will only be an answer.
  3. world wide web trivia game show

    Welcome to this trivia.Here you will take a quiz that you may need to surf the internet to find out the answers.First you need to sign up for the trivia.The maximum is 20.To sign up just post here saying you wan't to.The rules are you may not answer 2 questions in a row.scores vary depending how dificult it is.The first one to reach 1000 wins!!! PM me for qestions.Anyway start signing up.
  4. SimTrivia season 1

    "Only 1 of 25 will win." Hi. Please sign up here for only 25 can sign up for the simtrivia!!! When you sign up, more details will be PMed to you. To sign up just have a post that says so. So sign up now. This trivia contains simcity 4 questions.
  5. The great story of partropolis

    Chapter 3:Not the command center! They escaped from the laser but all the alians where heading to the command base. One shot of there laser and the comand base blew up....
  6. The Wish Game

    Granted, but your now relly skinny
  7. The Wish Game

    Granted but it took you to prehistoric time and a dinosaur ate you up. I wish for a powerbook core duo(if there is one).
  8. The Signature Above Me

    I don't know what to rate it so 5/10. I got a new signature so rate it.
  9. The Avatar Above Me

    -10000000000/10 That looks awful
  10. The Signature Above Me

    6/10 Which is above average. I don't have a signature so here's the one to rate: If someone posts stuff you don't like, don't post garbage about it. If you only have garbage to post don't post at all. You might get banned.
  11. SC4Terraformer Support

    May I have a look at the source? I might be able to port it to the mac.
  12. world wide web trivia game show

  13. world wide web trivia game show

  14. The Signature Above Me

    I give it a perfect 10/10
  15. Macintosh City Journals

    I've updated my cj
  16. The Wish Game

    Granted but it prints in black and white. I wish nothing bad happens to my wishes
  17. The ultimate simcity4 quiz show

    We will soon go to the next question.Answer while you still can.
  18. The ultimate simcity4 quiz show

    Originally posted by: djrules5454_simtropolisedition Originally posted by: Pokemen9103 anyone have an answer?anyone?quote> Are you blind?!? People have posted answers to your questions in their posts! Read people's posts!quote> I meant anyone else have an answer.
  19. The ultimate simcity4 quiz show

    anyone have an answer? anyone?
  20. The ultimate simcity4 quiz show

    Anyone playing
  21. The Wish Game

    Granted but it costs $100.00. I wish I can make BATs on my mac.
  22. Macintosh City Journals

    I have started one.
  23. On the next vesion, can you make it mac compatible?